Gordons Pink Gin


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Alcohol content: 37.5%
Bottle size: 70cl
Gin producer: Gordons
Style: Pink Gin

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Beloved by gin drinkers for over 100 years, Gordon’s Gin has truly outdone themselves with their Gordon’s Pink Gin, a delicately crafted spirit in a 70cl bottle that features a 35.7% alcohol concentration. Offering a sweet, refreshing taste with tasting notes of juniper, raspberry, strawberries, and red currant, Gordon’s Pink Gin is equal parts smooth, sweet, and strong.

Carefully crafted with a selected blend of botanicals, including juniper, coriander, angelica, and liquorice, Gordon’s Pink Gin offers a complex and balanced flavour profile. In fact, one of the key ingredients in Gordon’s Pink Gin is the natural raspberry and strawberry flavours, which give the gin its distinctive pink hue and sweet, fruity taste. These flavours are expertly blended with juniper and red currant to create a gin that is both refreshing and full of flavour.

Gordon’s has been a trusted name in the world of gin since the 1880s, and their Pink Gin is no exception. Whether you are a seasoned gin connoisseur or new to the world of gin, Gordon’s Pink Gin is sure to delight and satisfy your taste buds. Buy Gordon’s Pink Gin to experience the sweet difference of a premium, refreshingly fruity gin.

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