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Malbec Wine Delivery

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About Malbec Wine

Looking for a wine that’s big and bold? Look no further than Malbec grapes. These dark beauties are known for their deep purple colour and full-bodied taste. With a higher alcohol content than Merlot or Pinot Noir, Malbec wines are perfect for those looking for something extra-special. So raise your glass and toast to the rich flavour of Malbec grapes!

Malbec, a dark and brooding wine made in the Argentinian sun. It’s deep garnet colour has been likened to the night sky, and its bold flavours have been known to transport you to exotic places. With hints of black cherry, plum, and tobacco, this is a wine that’s meant for sipping slowly on a balmy evening. Salud!

Malbec Wine & It’s History

Alright, let’s talk about the journey of Malbec wine – it’s like a wine adventure that took place over the years, and boy, is it an interesting one!

So, this grape called Malbec originally hailed from France. Back in the day, it was like the sidekick in Bordeaux blends, helping to beef up the colour and structure of those fancy wines. They even had it go by different names, like “Côt” and “Auxerrois.” But then, trouble struck in the form of a nasty vine-eating bug called phylloxera. It wreaked havoc in Europe, and our friend Malbec wasn’t spared.

But fear not, our grape hero found a new home in Argentina. Thanks to a guy named Michel Pouget, who brought it over in the 1850s, Malbec took root and flourished like crazy in the high-altitude lands of Mendoza. Imagine those sunny days and cool nights – perfect for Malbec to show off its flavors. It was like a match made in grapevine heaven!

Now, in Argentina, Malbec got a makeover. No longer a sidekick, it became the star of the show. Winemakers started bottling it on its own, and people were loving it. With its deep colors, fruity vibes, and a hint of spice, Malbec was like the rockstar of wines. It even had a distinct aroma of violets – fancy, right?

Fast forward a bit, and boom! Malbec was all the rage, not only in Argentina but across the globe. It was like the wine equivalent of hitting the jackpot. The wine industry in Argentina embraced it, and before you know it, it’s their national wine mascot.

Nowadays, Malbec is basically a superstar. Everyone knows it, and folks everywhere love to uncork a bottle and savour that juicy, rich flavour. France might’ve been its birthplace, but Argentina is where Malbec truly found its groove. It’s proof that a little grape can travel the world, find a new home, and become a total sensation.