Hendrick’s Gin


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Alcohol content: 41.4%
Bottle Size: 70cl
Gin Producer: Hendricks
Style: Flavoured Gin

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Gin might just be the most versatile spirit around. You can use it in cocktails, mixed drinks, and even neat. But Hendrick’s gin takes versatility to a whole new level. This Scottish gin is made with two different stills – the Bennett still steeps its botanicals overnight before distillation, while the Carter-Head has its botanicals in a basket up in the still neck, steaming them gently. The result is a unique flavour that features juniper, cubeb berries, elderflower, chamomile, angelica, lemon peel, orange peel, coriander, yarrow and orris – plus an infusion of cucumber and rose petal.

Hendricks gin for sale – Are your tastebuds ready for this spectacularly infused gin?

If you’ve not tried Hendrick’s before, you’re in for a treat – it’s a perfectly balanced gin that’ll go well with a mixer of your choice, as well as any slices of fruit you might have to hand.

While many gins are made as quickly as possible, William Grant & Sons (the Scottish owners of Hendrick’s) do things a little differently…

Firstly they make one batch of gin in an old-fashioned pot – which makes it nice and strong. Then, they make another batch with a Carter Head (an old-fashioned tool for making spirits) – which creates a more refined spirit. Once done they infuse both gins with their signature botanicals and then marry them together in a ceremony of Rose and Cucumber.

Sure, it seems like a lot of effort to go to but grab yourself a glass and you’ll see why they do it that way – highly recommend by the WineFolk team!

The best way to buy Hendrick’s gin

Only the best, delivered by WineFolk. We’re proud to offer a wide range of top-rated wines and spirits for delivery. If you want to get some Hendrick’s gin delivered – we’re here to help. Simply add a bottle to your basket, along with anything else you need (always best to stock up so you never run dry!) and let us know how you’ll pay and where we should deliver it to.

We’ll handle everything else for you. Delivery time is usually around 3 working days, so if you need something to sip at the weekend make sure you place your order early to mid-week.

How big is your … Hendrick’s gin bottle preference?

Depending on whether you’re having a tipple with your better half, or hosting a party – it’s worth knowing the sizes.

Hendricks Gin 70cl – (the bottle size we sell)

Usually the standard size – if you’ve got a couple of people over this should be a perfect size. Plus, it’ll fit neatly in your cupboard!

Hendricks Gin 35cl

You’ll usually see little bottles like this in your local supermarket or off-licence, perfect if you just want one. If you’ve got a long train journey we’d recommend grabbing one of these and a little bottle of your favourite mixer. Perfect train fodder.

Hendricks Gin 1-litre

A nice party-size bottle! Just make sure you’ve got enough mixer, we wouldn’t recommend shots of gin or gin mixed with tap water. Let us know if you find the Hendrick’s gin 1 litre best price.

Be sure to recycle your empty Hendricks gin bottles!

A guide to Hendricks flavoured gin and Hendricks gin ingredients

Which one are you going for first?

Hendrick’s original blend is a mix of eleven finely-sourced botanicals – for those new to gin, botanicals are flavorful & aromatic natural ingredients used to make gins taste good. Hendrick’s is a little different to many gins because it uses an infusion of rose & cucumber, giving it a uniquely distinctive burst of flavour.

Hendrick’s Neptunia Gin is perfect for those who like a nautical edge to their gin… because who doesn’t right, right? This is an exciting, limited collaboration with Lesley Gracie – a Master Gin Distiller. It’s infused with a lot of botanicals sourced from her coastal home in Ayrshire – look out for a smooth Citrus finish.

Hendrick’s Lunar is great for those who are looking for a nightcap. Again, this is a collab between Hendrick’s and Master Distiller Leslie Gracie. Its blend of warm baked spices and citrus makes it a perfect winter warmer.

Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice is another limited edition. This one is perfect for a sunny day – pack a picnic or have some friends over for brunch and you’ll find this a great companion. It’s deliciously floral!

Hendrick’s Orbium is a rethinking of Hendrick’s original blend – a fascinating mixture of Quinine, Wormwood and Lotus Blossom. Those ingredients all marry together to offer a surprisingly sweet gin with a crisp, floral finish – making it about as complex as a gin can be.

If you want to find out more, we’d recommend a Hendricks Gin Distillery tour.

Currently, there’s no Hendrick’s Rhubarb Gin, nor is there a Hendrick’s Blood Orange gin or a Hendricks rose gin  – but we hope they’ll come up with some soon. 

What about the best tonic for Hendricks gin?

Our recommendations will prove just the tonic!

Tonic water is a shot of gin’s best friend. The bitter yet refreshing taste works perfectly to unlock the complexities of a good gin.

Fevertree is one of the more premium tonic water brands. Their marketing slogan is very clever and very true –  if ¾ of your drink is the mixer, mix with the best!

Schweppe’s is also a classic and you can find it just about anywhere in the UK. There are also diet and low-calorie versions if you’re trying to make your tipple as sin-free as possible.

Most supermarkets will also have their own brands available if you’re on a bit of a budget and some even say that sparkling water works just as well, but we’ll let you decide.

Ginger ale is another good swap if you can’t find or don’t like tonic water. The fiery after-taste is a nice complement to floral gins, in particular.

Juice can also work – if it works for Snoop Dogg, it’ll work for the rest of us, right? Orange, Mango, Apple and Pineapple juices would be our top recommendations.

Cordials are another popular choice. Lime cordial works best in our opinion, especially if you’ve got a slice of lemon and some ice on hand.

Those are just our choices! You’re welcome to experiment and be sure to let us know what works best for you.

Treat someone you love 

A case of world-class wine and some tasty Hendrick’s gin is a perfect gift. Mix a Hendricks gin bottle with some of our wines and you’ll be sure you make someone feel very special and very loved. 

Whatever kind of wine they like, we’ve got it covered – from white to red to rose and bubbly. Mix a case, add a bottle of Hendrick’s gin and take it through the checkout – we’ll deliver it to any address in the mainland UK for you.

25 Frequently asked questions:-

1. Where is Hendrick’s gin made?

The Hendricks Gin Distillery location is in Ayrshire Scotland – it overlooks a mysterious, volcanic island called Ailsa Craig. If you want to visit the nearest airport would be Glasgow/Prestwick (PIK) Airport.

2. How to serve Hendrick’s gin

Great question! In short, the best way to drink Hendricks Gin is what works best for you. First of all, we’d recommend serving in a gin glass and making sure you have some ice. It’s a drink best served cool. While it’s possible to drink gin ‘on the rocks’ many prefer to pair it with a mixer, popular choices include tonic water, ginger ale and juice.

If you’re wondering how to serve Hendrick’s gin – a slice of fruit and veg would never go amiss. Hendricks Gin cucumber, in particular, is a great combination – but orange, orange peel, lemon or kiwi will work.

3. Is Hendrick’s gin vegan?

Yes, it is! You should always check but most types of liquor such as gin, rum, brandy, and vodka are vegan – but make sure you check your mixers to make sure they don’t contain anything that’s not vegan.

4. What does Hendrick’s gin taste like?

Paradise! If you’re keen to find out we’d recommend searching online for a Hendricks Gin review. Generally speaking, you’ll get notes of cucumber along with some juniper, oak, citrus and vanilla

5. Where is Hendrick’s gin made?

Hendrick’s Gin is made in Ayrshire, Scotland and has been made there for many, many years. If you want to visit you should fly into Glasgow/Prestwick Aiport. it’s near a mysterious volcanic island called Aisla Craig so you won’t get bored of the views. 

6. How do you serve Hendrick’s gin?

The recommended way would be in a gin glass (or tumbler) with some ice, a slice of fruit or veg (we’d recommend cucumber and lemon) along with a mixer of your choice. We think it goes best with tonic water, ginger ale or juice. Some like lemonade with it!

7. How much is a bottle of Hendrick’s gin?

It depends on where you shop – let us know if you find the Hendrick’s Gin best price. At WineFolk you can get a 70cl bottle for £35 and we can assure you, after some robust tasting, it’s worth every penny!

8. Is Hendrick’s Gin good?

Popular opinion seems to think it is! According to recent work from The Spirits Business Hendrick’s Gin ranked at number 7 on their bestsellers list.

9. Is Hendricks a London Dry Gin?

To make a London Dry Gin all of the Botanics have to be distilled together at the same time – Hendrick’s infuse their cucumber and rose oil flavours after the gin has been made, making it a distilled gin. Every day’s a school day, hey?

10. Is Hendricks Gin dry?

Hendricks isn’t a dry gin and it adds in some delicious flavours after the gin has been distilled. Dry gins, such as London Dry Gins, distil all of their botanicals and ingredients together at the same time.

11. What botanicals are in Hendricks gin?

Chamomile, elderflower, juniper, lemon peel, orange peel, caraway, coriander, cubeb berries, Angelica root, yarrow root and orris root.

12. What grain is Hendrick’s Gin made from?

Most gins are made from a base of grain and Hendrick’s is no different – usually some kind of combination of barley, corn and/or rye.

13. What to drink with Hendrick’s Gin?

You need to try a few different things to work out your perfect Hendricks gin pairing. The Hendricks Gin taste is perfect when mixed with tonic water, ginger ale, juice or even some lemonade or sparkling water. There are also several cocktails it features in – such as a Negroni or a Martini.

14. Where to buy Hendrick’s gin?

We’ve heard there’s this really good place called WineFolk – they’ll even deliver it to your door for you. Scroll up and add a bottle to your basket!

15. Can you tour the Hendrick’s Gin Distillery?

Currently, the Hendrick’s Gin Palace is not open for tours – there are plenty of resources available online though if you’d like to read a history of Hendricks gin or want to learn about Hendrick’s gin origin.

You can still pay a visit to the area and see how the distillers are inspired by the location. It’s located near Aisla Craig in Ayrshire.

16. Does Hendrick’s gin have nuts?

Hendrick’s gin is nut-free, it’s also gluten-free and vegan. But make sure you check what’s inside any mixer you use with it, as you never know.

17. How many calories in a shot of Hendrick’s gin?

If we define a shot as a single UK measure of alcohol (44ml) – you’d be looking at around 98 calories.

18. How many calories in Hendrick’s Gin?

In a single UK shot measure (44ml) you’re looking at around 98 calories, with some tonic it goes up to about 150 calories. Although low-calorie tonics are always available.

19. How much does Hendrick’s Gin cost?

It depends on where you go and how big the bottle is. With WineFolk a 70cl bottle costs just £35.00 – making it a perfect premium gin treat for either yourself or someone you want to spoil

20. How much is Hendrick’s gin?

Some places may price differently and it always depends on the quantity you’re buying, but with WineFolk a 70cl bottle will cost you £35.00.

21. How to drink Hendrick’s gin?

If you want to enjoy a refreshing glass of Hendrick’s we’d recommend ice, a slice and your choice of mixer. Tonic water, cordial, juice and ginger ale are popular choices – but gin is also the staple of some fantastic cocktails such as Negronis and Martinis.

22. What do you put in Hendrick’s gin?

Once you’ve poured a measure of Hendrick’s into your glass we’d recommend adding some ice – some people like to crumble an ice cube as it makes it more refreshing. Once done you’ll need a mixer, we always recommend tonic water – mix the two with a little spoon and, if you’ve got any to hand, you could add a slice of fruit or veg such as cucumber or lemon.

23. Is Hendrick’s gin vegan?

Yes, Hendrick’s Gin is vegan – it’s also gluten-free and nut-free. Make sure you check any mixers used with it though, particularly if it’s in a cocktail – you never know!

24. What do you have with Hendrick’s gin?

A perfect glass of Hendrick’s requires 3 key things. Ice, a mixer you like and a slice of fruit or veg. Mix the 3, sit back and enjoy! To make it an experience you can even find a Hendricks gin candle to burn – let us know your Hendricks Gin rating once you’ve tried it.

25. What’s the Hendrick’s gin alcohol percentage?

Hendrick’s has an alcohol % of 41.4% – so make sure you enjoy it responsibly. 

Prefer to pick up a bottle on the high street? Here is a guide where to buy Hendricks Gin on the high street: 

Make sure you’ve always got a supply of Hendrick’s to hand. Unfortunately for us, WineFolk isn’t the only place you can buy high-quality drinks from – if you’re out and about and want to grab a bottle, here’s where you can find some. Oh, and let us know if you can find the best supermarket price for Hendrick’s gin or the cheapest place to buy Hendricks gin.

Tesco – Hendricks gin

Of course, you’ll find it at Tesco. One of the biggest names on the high street – Hendricks Gin Tesco is readily available. Next time you need some gin Hendricks Tesco is there for you. Also available as Hendrick’s gin 1 litre Tesco

Hendrick’s gin – Asda

If you’ve got an Asda near you, you should be in luck. In Asda, Hendricks gin is a popular choice – but make sure you grab some ice and mixer with it. If you can’t find Hendricks gin Asda let us know and we’ll take it off our list.

Hendrick’s gin Sainsbury’s

Nip to your nearest high street and you’ll be able to grab Hendricks gin Sainbury’s – along with your everyday essentials. Let us know the price of Sainbury’s Hendricks Gin.

M&S Hendricks Gin

Marks & Spencers is home to a whole host of premium wines and spirits, and you can be sure that Hendrick’s Original Gin will be among them. If you’ve got a special birthday or Christmas coming, this could also be a great place to get your hands on a Hendricks gin gift set, or to get other Hendricks gin gifts and even some Hendricks gin glasses.

Hendrick’s Gin Co-op

Your local Co-op should also be able to support you on your quest for your favourite gin. There may even be some Hendricks gin offers on! Keep your eyes peeled for Hendricks Gin hampers too.

Also available – Hendrick’s Gin at Morrison’s and, don’t forget, Hendricks Gin at Waitrose

So there you have it, wherever you go, you now know where you can find a good bottle of gin – easily recognisable by the Hendrick’s gin logo.

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