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About Norfolk Wine

What do you mean, you didn’t consider Norfolk as being one of the delicious wine producers of the world?

In fact, Norfolk is one of wine’s best-kept secrets; something of a hidden gem. The reason Norfolk produces such wonderful wines is that it’s the sunniest county in the UK, and we specialise in delivering the absolute best of it. Think back to GCSE biology and you may recall that photosynthesis is essential for plant growth – in this case, grapes – but the heat of the sun is also required to mature wine grapes effectively. During the growing season, grapes simply won’t ripen unless the environment they’re growing in has an average temperature of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Basically, without enough sun exposure, grapes won’t develop enough sugar. This leads to acidic wines with low alcohol content. On the other hand, too much heat creates excessive sugar, meaning high alcohol content and not enough acid. And this is why Norfolk is such a great growing spot – it’s sunny enough but, being in the UK, it never gets too hot.

Being based in Norfolk ourselves, we’re perfectly positioned to choose the best of the best wine varieties. Everything you need to know is right here, on our website – but if you have any questions, simply contact us. If not, start your love affair with Norfolk wines, delivered to your door, today!