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About Bacchus Wine

You know a variety is especially tasty when it’s named after the god of wine.

Bacchus wine – made, you guessed it, from Bacchus grapes – is something of a newcomer in the grand scheme of grape history (it wasn’t allowed to be generally cultivated until 1972, would you believe?). The grape tends to ripen early, have a high productivity rate, and a characterful flavour, and it thrives in warm-but-not-hot areas because that improves the acidity, creating something comparable to Sauvignon-blanc. That’s why Bacchus grapes have become a popular choice for English vineyards – the climate is ideal, and the taste is truly god-like!

With our wine know-how, we’ve picked out the best Bacchus wines for you. You can trust us to get your Bacchus wine delivered to you, in only three working days –  all you have to do is lay back and enjoy it in a manner befitting Dionysus himself.