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Wine Thank You Gifts by WineFolk

Express Your Gratitude with a Glass of Elegance

When it comes to showing appreciation, nothing says “thank you” quite like a beautifully curated wine gift from WineFolk. Whether you’re expressing gratitude to a colleague, celebrating a friend’s accomplishment, or sending a heartfelt thank you to a loved one, wine is a gift that resonates with elegance and thoughtfulness. At, we ensure that your gesture of appreciation is not just received, but celebrated.

All wine gifts are despatched the next working day in protective packaging. Our wine gift note option lets you personalise your present and make it extra special. Trust me, your loved ones will feel like they just won the lottery (or at least, that’s what they’ll tell you).

Popular Wine Thank You Gifts:

Why Choose Wine as Your Thank You Gift?

Wine is universally loved and endlessly versatile, making it the perfect gift for any occasion. It’s a gift that can be savoured, shared, or even saved for a special moment. Sending wine as a thank you gift through guarantees not just the delivery of a bottle, but the delivery of an experience. Each bottle tells a story of heritage, craftsmanship, and flavour, turning every sip into a cherished memory.

Wine Thank You Gifts Delivering More Than Just Wine

Send Thoughtfully

At checkout, don’t forget to add a gift note—the perfect way to personalise your wine thank you gift. Express your sentiments with words that resonate, making your gift truly memorable.

Anywhere in the UK

Send wine to any address in the United Kingdom, ensuring that no matter where your recipient resides, they will feel your gratitude through the gift of fine wine.

Prompt and Careful Dispatch

Rest easy knowing your selection will be despatched the next working day, prioritising efficiency without compromising quality.

Unmatched Packaging Integrity

Our wines are shipped in boxes with specialised protective packaging.

Privacy in Gifting

We respect the intimacy of your gift by ensuring no order paperwork with price details is included, maintaining the surprise and delight of your thoughtful gesture.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

All shipments are sent out in eco-friendly packaging with minimal branding, reflecting our commitment to sustainability without sacrificing elegance.

A World of Choice

Our selection of international wines ensures you can find the perfect vintage to express your gratitude, tailored to the tastes of your recipient.

Complimentary Delivery

We offer Free Delivery on all orders over £90, making it even easier to send multiple expressions of thanks or stock your own collection with finesse.

Secure, Versatile Payment Options

Choose from a variety of payment methods including Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Safe, simple, and secure transactions every time.

Freedom to Gift Anytime

With, there are no subscription requirements. Order the wines you want, when you want, without any commitment traps.

Choose for Your Wine Thank You Gifts

At, every bottle sent as a thank you is packed with thought, care, and a promise of quality. We make it easy to express gratitude with a sophisticated touch that resonates long after the wine is enjoyed. Choose to send your Wine Thank You Gifts anywhere in the United Kingdom and let each bottle speak volumes of your appreciation.