Dom Perignon 2012 Vintage Champagne


Alcohol content: 12.5%
Grapes: Chardonnay
Winery: Dom Pérignon
Country: France
Region: Champagne
Taste Characteristics: Bold, acidic and fizzy

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What do you get when you take the most renowned and exclusive champagne in the world and mix it with the best vintage year yet? Dom Perignon 2012 Vintage Champagne. This wine is a bold, acidic and fizzy blend of Chardonnay grapes from France’s Champagne region. It’s perfect for celebratory occasions, whether you’re toasting to a special victory or just welcoming in the new year. Pop open a bottle of Dom Perignon 2012 Vintage Champagne and raise a glass to good times ahead.

Dom Pérignon winery is the pinnacle of perfection, a winery that represents the very best of what Champagne has to offer. From the carefully selected grapes to the skilled winemaking process, each bottle is crafted with precision and intensity, resulting in a truly unique flavour profile. With its complex notes and exquisite finish, Dom Pérignon is the epitome of luxury and sophistication.

Dom Perignon Champagne Delivered

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