Dandelion, Lions Tooth McLaren Vale Shiraz Riesling 2019 – Australia


Alcohol content: 14.5%
Grapes: Shiraz/Syrah
Winery: Dandelion Vineyards
Country: Australia
Region: South Australia / Fleurieu / McLaren Vale
Taste Characteristics: Bold, tannic, dry and slightly acidic

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Introducing Dandelion Vineyard’s Shiraz/Syrah grapes – a bold, tannic wine that’s perfect for those who love something a little different. With its dry and slightly acidic taste, this new world wine is perfect for any occasion.

If you’re a fan of big, bold red wines, then you’ll love Dandelion Vineyard’s Shiraz/Syrah grapes. These tannic and slightly acidic grapes come from the South Australian region, and make for a dry, flavourful red wine. New world wines are known for their unique flavours and robust profiles, so if you’re looking to expand your palate, be sure to try a bottle of Dandelion Vineyard’s wine.

Dandelion, Lions Tooth McLaren Vale Shiraz Riesling Delivered 

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