Contarini, Prosecco Rosé, DOC Treviso (V, Vg)


Alcohol content: 11.5%
Grapes: Glera
Winery: Contarini
Country: Italy
Region: Veneto / Prosecco
Taste Characteristics: Light, Acidic and Fizzy

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Contarini’s Prosecco Rosé is light, acidic, and fizzy- perfect for any occasion! Made from Glera grapes in Veneto, Italy, this wine is sure to impress. Whether you’re celebrating a special event or just relaxing at home, Contarini’s Prosecco Rosé will make your day brighter.

At Contarini Winery, they are passionate about crafting the finest Prosecco in Veneto. Their wine is made with 100% Glera grapes, and they use traditional methods to ensure a uniquely delicious taste. If you’re looking for a luxurious sparkling wine that’ll impress your guests, look no further than Contarini Winery Wines.

Contarini Prosecco Rosé Delivery

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