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Alcohol content: 40%
Bottle Size: 70cl
Gin Producer: Brockmans
Style: Flavoured Gin

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Fifteen years ago, entrepreneur Nevil Everitt and three of his gin-loving friends got together to make the smoothest gin possible. And, boy, did they nail it – creating a gin as smooth as 1980s Lionel Richie.

With its unique selection of botanicals, including Tuscan juniper berries, Bulgarian coriander, blueberries, blackberries and bittersweet Valencian orange peel, this gin is steeped in grain spirit and distilled in a 100-year-old copper still. The result is a smooth and delicious gin that’s perfect for enjoying on its own or mixing into your favourite cocktails. There’s no gin like Brockmans or gin similar to Brockmans

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Of course you do – don’t worry about trying to buy Brockmans gin near me! WineFolk has you covered with nationwide gin delivery. All you need to do is place your order online and we’ll do everything else for you, it really is the easiest way to keep yourself stocked up and ready for any occasion.

We cover all the big cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow – so wherever you are we’re delivering. We offer Brockmans gin UK delivery – safely trussed up & packaged, so you’ll never have to worry about damages.

Alternative Brockman Gins available:

Asides from the classic version you’ll see listed above, there are a few other types of Brockmans gin available. Here’s a rundown…

Brockmans miniature gin – You’ll often see this as part of a Brockman gin gift set – put simply, it’s a mini bottle of Brockmans, usually about 5cl. Perfect for a shot, a one-off drink or for recipes that might need gin as a special ingredient.

Brockmans Pink Gin – Pink gin has proven to be a bit of a cultural phenomenon recently – many gin producers are trying their hand at it. Right now, the team at Brockmans don’t actually do a pink – but, as soon as they do, you can be sure that it’ll be on the virtual shelves at WineFolk, so watch this space.

Brockmans Gin Blueberry – As with pink gin, flavoured gins such as blueberry are popping up all over the shop. Right now, Brockmans don’t actually make one – but it’s worth noticing that one of the flavourings they use is actually blueberry, so when you try a glass you may just taste it.

The History of Brockmans Gin

Brockmans intensely smooth premium gin was dreamed up around 15 years ago by 4 entrepreneurial friends who had over 60 years of drinks experience between them. They wanted to create a gin that was so smooth you could drink it on its own.

It took a long time to get there and they had the enviable job of trying 100s of recipes before they worked out exactly what they wanted. You have a lot to thank them for because they’ve hit a home run with the Brockmans gin ingredients to give it that special, unmistakable Brockmans gin flavour.

Want to give a bottle of Brockmans to someone special?

If you want to send a bottle of Brockmans gin gift, we’re more than happy to help. Simply pop in the lucky recipient’s address when you check out and we’ll make sure it gets to them safely.

Here are some examples of the kinds of Brockmans gin gift set that are out there:

Brockmans gin and glass – A really nice idea for a gift might be a Brockmans gin and glass set – these are available in a lot of retailers and online stores. Or, if you want to be creative, you could order a bottle of Brockmans from Winefolk and find a Brockmans gin glass yourself to send to your friend.

Brockmans gin glass – Special Brockmans gin glasses are available to purchase at many stores and make a really cool gift – they also often come as part of a Brockmans gin set.

Brockmans – bottle sizes on the market 

Here’s a quick guide on the kinds of bottle sizes you can expect from Brockman’s products:

5cl Miniature – Brockmans is available in small, shot-size measures. Perfect for a one-off tipple, a shot or to use in a recipe.

Brockmans Gin 70cl – This is the standard size bottle of Brockmans and we’re proud to stock it. This is perfect for keeping on your drinks shelf or, if you’re lucky enough, in your minibar. It’s also a nice size to take to parties to introduce others to the smoothness of Brockmans.

Brockmans Gin 1 litre – If you’re catering to a larger crowd or just like to stock up yourself then a Brockmans gin 1ltre bottle is probably your best bet. Available in some shops, but mostly found online as it’s not the standard size.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Brockmans gin – where is it made?

Some may associate Brockmans gin Glasgow, but this isn’t the case – it’s made in Warrington, just outside Manchester. It’s made by a distillery called ‘G & J’ in a copper still.

Who owns Brockmans gin?

Brockman’s gin is owned by founder Neil Everitt who also serves as one of the directors on the board. He came up with the idea for Brockmans around 15 years ago – with the help of some other partners and co-founders. Their dream was simple: to create a gin that was smooth enough to drink on the rocks.

How much is Brockmans gin?

This depends on where you go! At Winefolk we always aim to give you the best value possible so you can nab a 70cl bottle for £38.88, which is well worth it. Other Brockmans gin stockists may have it for different prices – we try to do a Brockmans gin price comparison every now & then to make sure we’re competitive, let us know where you find the cheapest Brockmans gin.

Where is Brockmans gin distillery?

Brockmans Gin is made in a copper still in the G&J distillery, which is based in Warrington – they’ve been making gin since the 1700s. Interested in a Brockmans gin distillery tour? G&J don’t currently do tours, but watch this space – when they do we’ll let you know.

What’s Brockmans gin abv?

It’s 40%.

What to have with Brockmans gin?

Great question! Brockmans gin and tonic the unanimous Brockmans gin perfect serve, particularly when you throw in a few ice cubes. If you also want a Brockmans gin and tonic garnish we’d recommend cucumber or lemon. It can also be enjoyed with juice, ginger beer or as part of a Martini.

What to serve with Brockmans gin?

A gin like Brockmans is smooth enough to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks – don’t believe us? Give it a try.

You can also serve it with tonic, juice, ginger ale or any mixer of your choice. Some ice and a Brockmans gin garnish (such as lemon, lime or cucumber) won’t hurt either. Our best advice is to try a few different combinations until you find your favourite.

What tonic goes with Brockmans gin?

We’re often asked to recommend the best tonic for Brockmans gin. As always it depends on personal preference – Fevertree

Brockmans premium gin would also go really well with some of the other big high street names such as Schweppes and Britvic – if you’re on a budget most supermarkets will do their own label versions. We like to be social at Winefolk, so let us know your thoughts on your favourite Brockmans gin tonic pairing.

Brockmans gin calories?

In a 25ml measure of Brockmans gin there’s about 56 calories. Remember that, if you’re using a mixer, this will also add calories in – if you’re watching the calories many retailers and brands offer low-calorie versions of their mixers.

What are the Brockmans gin botanicals?

In the Brockmans gin recipe we have the following: juniper berries, lemon peel, orange peel, coriander, cassia bark, blueberries & blackberries, liquorice, Angelica, almond and orris.

Which supermarkets sell Brockmans gin?

Where can I find Brockmans gin on the high street near me?

We’re biased and we think you should order from us at Winefolk – as we’ll always try to get you the Brockmans gin best price. But, if you’re out and about you can find it in several big name retailers and, if there’s one near you, you might even find Brockmans gin Bargain Booze.

Without further ado, the answers to the big question – where can I buy Brockmans gin?

Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Aldi, Marks & Spencer (M&S) and Waitrose.

Tesco – Most Tesco stores – both big and small – carry Brockmans. If you can’t find it amongst the aisles, it’ll usually be behind the counter so you’ll just need to ask one of the staff members to get it for you. Make sure you grab some ice, mixer and garnish and be sure to give us your Brockmans premium gin review when you get the chance.

Asda – Asda also carries Brockmans gin – along with a whole host of other spirits. You can usually find your nearest Asda by heading over to their website and using your postcode to search for local stores. As always if you do buy Brockmans gin from Asda, we’d love to get your Brockmans gin review.

Morrisons – We’re not sure what their Brockmans gin price is, but Morrisons also stock this super smooth spirit. Morrisons also have a deal with Amazon Fresh so you could potentially order it from there, but why would you when Winefolk offers such a neat service?

Sainsburys – Sainsburys often have Brockmans gin deals – particularly in the run up to Christmas, so if you’re nearby you should definitely check it out. If Sainsburys is the closest store to you then that’s where you’ll find Brockmans gin near me.

Aldi – Discounters like Aldi and Lidl have a wide range of gins – both flavoured and original – but, right now, they don’t stock Brockmans gin.

Marks & Spencer – Among the premium brands they stock, you’ll find Brockmans gin. Some M & S stores might even offer you the option to purchase personalised Brockmans gin. Make sure you don’t forget to grab some mixer and garnish!

Waitrose – And, of course, last but not least – where there’s premium booze there’s always Waitrose. You may even find some stylish Brockman gin glasses while you’re there.

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