Alliance Wines

Alliance Wine is a Scottish wine importer and distributor that has been sourcing and supplying high-quality wines to the UK market for nearly four decades.

One of the standout wines in Alliance Wine’s portfolio is the Man Meets Mountain Malbec, a collaboration between Alliance Wine and Sebastian San Martin, an experienced winemaker from Argentina. The grapes for this wine are grown in the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Mendoza, Argentina, where the combination of high altitude, ample sunshine, and cool nights creates the perfect conditions for growing Malbec.

Sebastian San Martin worked closely with the winemaking team at Alliance Wine to craft a wine that showcases the unique characteristics of the terroir, while also capturing the essence of Alliance Wine’s commitment to quality and sustainability. The resulting wine is a beautiful expression of Malbec, with deep ruby colour, aromas of blackberry and plum, and flavours of dark fruit, spice, and a hint of vanilla. The wine is full-bodied and well-structured, with firm tannins and a long, smooth finish.

Alliance Wine and Sebastian San Martin’s collaboration on the Man Meets Mountain Malbec is a testament to the power of partnerships in the world of wine. By working together, they have created a wine that not only reflects the unique terroir of Mendoza, but also embodies Alliance Wine’s commitment to sourcing and producing wines of exceptional quality and character.

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