How Many Calories in a 250ml Glass of Red Wine?

If you’re a wine enthusiast or just someone watching their calorie intake, you might find yourself wondering about the caloric content of your favourite drinks. One such common query is, “How many calories in a 250ml glass of red wine?” Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got all the details you need to stay informed!

Calories in Red Wine: A Detailed Breakdown

Red wine is a popular choice, but like anything, it contains calories that can add up. Typically, a standard glass of red wine holds about 175ml, but if you’re opting for a larger serving size like 250ml, the calorie count will obviously be higher.

On average, a 250ml glass of red wine contains about 210 calories. However, this number can vary slightly depending on the specific type of wine and its sugar content. Generally, wines labeled as “dry,” with lower sugar levels, will be on the lower end of the calorie scale, while sweeter wines will have a bit more.

Factors Affecting Calorie Content

  1. Alcohol Content: The alcohol by volume (ABV) can significantly impact the calorie count. Wines with higher ABV have more calories because alcohol has 7 calories per gram, which is only second to fat in calorie density. Most red wines have an ABV between 12% and 15%.
  2. Sugar Content: Sweeter wines pack more calories due to their higher sugar content. A dry wine typically has less than 1 gram of sugar per 5 ounces (about 150 ml), whereas a sweet wine might contain up to 8 grams or more in the same serving size.

How to Enjoy Wine While Managing Calorie Intake

If you’re calorie-conscious but still want to enjoy a glass of red wine, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose Dry Wines: Opt for dry red wines, which tend to have fewer calories than their sweeter counterparts.
  • Mind the Serving Size: It can be easy to pour more than the standard serving size, especially in a larger glass. Sticking to a measured serving can help manage calorie intake.
  • Balance Your Diet: If you know you’ll be enjoying a glass of wine, consider adjusting your meals to accommodate the extra calories without going over your daily goal.


Enjoying a 250ml glass of red that holds around 210 calories is a delightful experience for many. While keeping an eye on calories, remember that moderation is key to a balanced lifestyle. Whether you’re toasting at a celebration or unwinding after a long day, understanding the caloric impact of your wine choices can help you enjoy each sip without guilt.

Feel free to indulge in your favourite red wine, knowing exactly what it contributes to your calorie intake. Cheers to a healthy, balanced approach to enjoying the finer things in life!