Case of Champagne

Buy a case of champagne as a one time purchase. No subscription tricks or traps. Champagne cases delivered in recyclable packaging.

Build you own Champagne case:

Restock your fridge with a case of Champagne

What’s a romantic dinner or special occasion without something bubbly to hand ? We’re here to help you find your ideal case of champagne! The perfect balance of fizz and sweetness makes it an ideal accompaniment for any event – from weddings and anniversaries to Friday night dinner. Best of all, there are several options out there that come in handy cases – meaning if one bottle just isn’t enough, you’ll have more to hand. WineFolk is here to get you the best deals on cases of champagne delivered. Let’s dive right in!

Popular Champagne case sizes:

  • Case of 24 champagne bottles
  • Case of 18 champagne bottles
  • Case of 12 champagne bottles
  • Case of 6 champagne bottles

Case of Champagne options:

  • Build your own custom case or select a premixed case of champagne
  • Gift a case of champagne to a friend or loved one
  • Order multiple cases of champagne for large events
  • Get a champagne case delivered to you or a recipients UK doorstep